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RT Conference 2004

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Cheyenne McCray and I at the
Ellora's Cave Fantasy
Party in NYC.

Franz, the NYC Martinique
hotel's charming food and beverage director, and I. He ensured that
everyone had plenty to eat and
drink, and made each event
special. Thanks Franz!

A couple of Ellora's Cavemen.
Aren't they something?

Mom found her very own Caveman!

I was privileged to be part of such a
fabulous group of writers, agents,
and well known industry people
during my participation in the
2004 RT Salute to Literary Agents
Luncheon in NYC.
annual RT Convention giant book fair.
It was a lot of fun meeting readers!


Booksigning 2004

Authors Jennifer Ashley and Carrie Weaver signing at the February Barnes and Noble signing.

Susan Yarina and Sandra Lee Smith signing their books at the B&N signing.

Tara Taylor Quinn, Roz Denny Fox, and Linda Style attending the B&N signing.

Palimo Lopez, a great musician, entertaining us and keeping us company at the B&N signing.

RT Conference 2003

Kathryn Falk and I at the RT Ellora's Cave party in Kansas City.

Authors Cheyenne McCray, Patrice Michelle and I talking to readers in the RT Hospitality Suite.

Cover Model Contest winner, Lenell Dunbar dressed as a mighty fine cowboy, pardner!

Is he an angel or devil? I'll never tell!

Spanish cover model, Luisandro, reminds me of my "Alejandro" from YESTERDAY'S PROMISE.

Steven Burkett and I as fellow pirates. Arrgh matey!

This renaissance man had such a way with words...

Mom having a great time at an RT party!

RWA Conference 2002

Sari Robins and I signing with Christine Rimmer at the RWANYC booksigning event.

New York, New York. The "Big Apple".

Our Lady Liberty

A small group at the glamorous RITA Awards.

Some Desert Roses in New York City.

Arizona Book Festival 2002

A future reader is giving me tips on how to do a booksigning!

Jennifer Ashley and I signing books in the RWA Desert Rose Booth at the Arizona Book Festival.

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