“I think there’s a little child in all of us and we all too often forget to let the child out to play.”
—~Donna A. Favors

Hello Friend,

October has arrived. As some of you may remember, it is one of my favorite times of year. Fall colors changing the landscape, cooler temperatures creeping in and last but not least, spooky and spectacular Halloween.

This is such a fun holiday. It brings out the child in me. And for me, that’s a pleasure I savor. That child in me, in all of us, is an important part of who we are.

So this month I will let my child out to play. I will laugh, love and live with all my heart.

I hope you can do the same.

Just Believe It,


My Acorns


I’m not sure why I see it like this, but it’s there. A flame inside me always. Sometimes so bright it hurts, other times just a low, slow burn that reminds me of its presence. I feel it when I wake each day and as I lay my head on the pillow to go to sleep each night.

Some call it inspiration, passion or motivation while others sometimes call it a gift.

Whatever it’s called, I know one thing. It owns me heart and soul and there’s no getting around that. The flame that is my writing will not let me get away, nor do I want it to. At least most of the time.

There are the occasions when the people in my head, their voices and their stories keep awake at night, but that truly is a small price to pay for the joy I get from it. This flame keeps me warm in the cold winter moments of my life, happy in the dark sea of despair that can sometimes threaten, and excited and present when the days seem to run together and blur.

I thought I had lost this gift for a while. That frightened me beyond description and threw me into a sort of living sleep that I had promised myself I would never return to. Then it came back to me. Or rather I took it back. You see, I realized that I really had never lost my flame, I had just let it slowly fade from my mind and my life.

Yet it stayed inside me, on a low, slow burn, just waiting for me to remember.

I’m so thankful that I did.

This flame I call writing is a gift. A gift to me. One that helps me see the world, as poet Mark Nepo writes, “with an ever virgin heart”. One that brings me joy and awareness in a way that may not be understood by some. But it doesn’t matter. I understand. And now I know that it will always be inside me. A gift I will strive to honor and appreciate for the priceless treasure it has been to me.

The flame is so bright and strong inside me now that it burns a little, but I embrace that. I know that brightness lights my way and keeps me present and awake to this life I live.

Here I go again...

© Copyright 2013 by Eden Robins

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Who’s Eden?

EDEN ROBINS hears voices in her head. Her characters' voices, that is. She loves creating new worlds and complex characters that always seem to find their way into one sticky predicament or another. She enjoys helping them get untangled from these situations, only to find themselves entangled in love affairs that will last for all time.

With the success of her futuristic, award winning Tomorrow trilogy and RT rated 4 1/2 Stars preternatural After Sundown series, Eden is firmly entrenched in the world of Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance.

Eden creates her far off adventures and romantic happily ever after tales while living in the Arizona Desert with her family and two extremely spoiled pugs, Jasmine and Biggs.